Which Lashes Are Right For You? Tips from Ardell

I picked up an Ardell brochure from Sally's the other day and found out some helpful info. I am writing it on my blog without permission but maybe people will buy lashes and Ardell will forgive me for that ;)

Small Eyes: Ardell Fashion Lashes 109/110, Sweeties/Babies Invisibands, Andrea Modlash 21 or 70

Large Eyes: Ardell Fashion Lashes 105, Inivisbands Hotties/Wispies/Lacies or Andrea Modlash 23

Round Eyes: Ardell Fashion Lash 109, Inivisbands Beauties, Andrea ModLash 21 or 52

Almond-Shaped Eyes: Demi Pixies, Luckies, Andrea Modlash 13

Deep-Set Eyes: Ardell Fashion Lash 131 or Inivisibands Wispies, Demi Wispies and Andrea Modlash 52.

Universal Lashes: Ardell 110

Hope that helps!

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