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Belle Blossoms by Heather (Photo from

I  remember my grandmother telling me there was nothing more beautiful a girl could do than tuck a fresh flower behind her ear. She said that as a young woman she would sing as she cleaned the house and always made sure she had on her lipstick and her signature hair flower. I guess that imagery and beauty advice stuck with me, because I believe a fresh flower in the hair is a delicate and natural way to enhance your beauty. Here in South Florida we get gorgeous tropical blooms like orchids and hibiscus--but you can't ignore roses, lillies and all of the other beautiful blossoms nature provides either.

Hair flowers are also a big part of achieving a retro or pinup look, but it's not fun to pluck a fresh gardenia, tuck it in your hair then find there are little creepy crawlies inside. Trust me, I speak from experience. So, when I was watching one of my favorite YouTube Gurus, Lisa Freemont, I saw her review on Belle Blossoms and decided to order a few goodies.

As you all know I always like supporting independent business, especially when the owners go above and beyond to make sure I received and liked my items like Heather did. I am writing this review not because I received anything for free (I didn't) but because I truly enjoyed the quality of these hair clips.

The flowers come on a "prong" style clip that is covered in green felt to a) appear to be the flower's back/stem and b) keep from pulling at your hair or denting it. Heather makes tons of different bows, flowers, fascinators and more. I got a few things including an adorable rockabilly leopard-print bow, a gardenia (my favorite) and some roses. I loved it all, but the roses blew me away.

None of the blossoms I received felt cheap or "papery." The prices and shipping are very fair and if you friend Heather on Facebook, you can get the inside scoop on discount codes. But anyway, back to those roses. They feel exactly like a rose. They even have little "imperfections" to make the flower look as close to the real thing as possible (without the creepy crawlies!) The flowers don't feel heavy or uncomfortable on the hair either, so you don't have to worry about messing up your 'do!

If you're brave enough for a fascinator and love feathers as much as I do, Heather also makes gorgeous clip-ins for your hair. They're perfect for a more burlesque touch to your outfit or a look closer to the 20's and 30's style. If you're looking for great hair accessories on a budget and want to support small business owners then check out Belle Blossoms!

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