Makeup Fun on Instagram

I used to be a die-hard fan of Twitter, but the visual aspect of Instagram quickly won me over especially when it came to makeup and beauty. Magazines, makeup brands and even beauty stores have Instagram accounts; as do some of your favorite beauty bloggers. So, I decided to make a quick little post detailing my current favorite beauty-related Instagram accounts. Here we go!

Self-explanatory, really, but an added bonus to this account is that you get to see images from MAC in Dubai. The account also features swatches, lip color combinations and snapshots of limited editions releases both old and new.

I adore this line. The quality is excellent, the packaging is beautiful and the prices are fair for a prestige line. Their account is full of gorgeous product shots (a.k.a. "makeup porn") as well as swatches and contests.

One thing I rarely see in social media is makeup enthusiasts following the blogs and accounts of actual professional artists! Nothing against YouTube gurus, etc., but these people aren't in the pages of Vogue for nothing. Viktorija Bowers-Adams is one of my favorite pros and this is her account.

Fashion Fair Cosmetic's Director and master makeup artist for women of color, Sam Fine's account features wonderful shots of his work on various celebs.

Sometimes seeing other people's work is the best way to get inspired to create your own looks. This account links you to the best of the best of the Instagram beauty community.

What are some of your favorite beauty-related Instagram accounts?

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