Nails a la Dita

For today's post, I'll let you in on how I do my nails like Dita Von Teese. Now, there are plenty of YouTube videos that teach you the same thing, but this is just my version.

Anyway, there are three keys to achieving Dita style nails.

1) Your nails must be longer and filed into a round shape. I do this myself because when I go to the nail salon and ask for a round shape, the tech gives me a look of disgust and tells me that's an old lady shape. Well techy, your old lady is my vintage. Dita's nails are sometimes filed into a more pointed shape, but I just stuck to round for this.

2) Impeccable cuticles. I won't get into the cut or push debate here. I push back my cuticles regularly and try only to cut what is excessive. I find that if I cut my cuticles they become choppy and dry. I really like to use the Sephora by O.P.I cuticle oil pen to keep my cuticles moisturized without turning my fingers into an oil slick. Can't have oily fingers when you're typing on a white laptop!

3) Your secret weapon--reinforcement labels. Yes, those little white circle stickers you put on paper to keep it from falling out of your binder is your secret weapon. I take one sticker, cut it in half and use them to cover the "moons" of my nails. The moon of your nail is the white semi-circle at the top of your nail. Some people use the French manicure guides, but those aren't round enough for me.

Once your nails are shaped appropriately, apply a base coat. You can do this manicure with any color, but red is the traditional choice. Dita usually wears cream colors but the shade of nail polish I used had shimmer. Dita has said via Twitter that she loves MAC's Nail Lacquer in Shirelle, a gorgeous, creamy red.

This manicure does take time, so if you can prepare your nails the night before (file, cuticles, base coat) it will save you some time. The next day your nails will be protected by the base coat and ready for the stickers. Place the stickers carefully so the moons are evenly covered. Think of the stickers as blue painter's tape when you're trying to paint stripes on your walls or protect your doorways--you want to keep the red off of the moons of your nail.

Once you're happy with the placement of the stickers, paint your nails as you normally would. You aren't going to wait until your nails are completely dry because removing the stickers would then be impossible. So, wait until it's ALMOST dry. Test taking off the sticker on your pinky finger--it's the easiest to repaint and try again if you mess up. Ideally, you want the sticker to come off without disrupting the polish's border. It might be difficult to get this right the first time, I attempted this manicure about three times before I was able to have any luck! Don't forget to finish off with a great top coat after letting the polish dry.

The finished results are below. My nails are nowhere near as long as Dita's because I can't type well with long nails, but the results looked great in person. Now get those labels and try out this vintage look!


  1. wow... bless you, you have just solved my nail problems. I love the vintage half moon nails, but am not very good with polish *sigh* and have never even attempted it. I was reading today that some people use the french mani stickers as a guide but it seems they arent overly impreseed by the finished look... but then you come along with the reinforcements hehe. Thanks!

    I will have to give it a go now :)

    Great blog by the way, keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Miss Kitty Boo! Thanks for the compliments. Those French manicure guides didn't work well for me either. I hope this works for you--let me know! :)

  3. OMG! You're freaking amazing!!! Funny thing is you posted this in April...but last week I gave up on trying without anything and my moons came out all screwed...!!!!! hahahaha!!!! THANKS my friend!!!


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