Julie Hewett Bud of Rose Blush

Julie Hewett Los Angeles
Bud of Rose Blush $24USD

Julie Hewett is a famous makeup artist I found out about after her work on the Ben Affleck film Pearl Harbor. While the movie got horrible reviews, I thought it had nice cinematography and Kate Beckinsale looked amazing in every scene she had. If you like to watch movies for retro looks alone, then definitely check this one out. Ms. Hewett was responsible for creating the shade of lipstick Ms. Beckinsale wore in the movie and soon enough she began her own line of makeup products.

I do own a couple of her lipsticks and they are lovely, but my favorite product has been her Bud of Rose Blush. On my fair skin it can give the lightest glow or a really deep flush of pink depending on your brush and how strongly you apply it. I believe this would give the most beautiful, natural glow on darker skins and would love to know if any darker-skinned ladies like this blush as well. The picture above is from the Julie Hewett site and the blush is now in a compact form, whereas before it was available in an old-school cardboard package. I really love this blush and would purchase again when I run out, but considering you need so little product on your brush to get some color, you won't really run out of it too fast at all! Each time I pull out the red lipstick, I use this blush to complete the retro look--it's just perfect and considering the lasting power, well worth the price. ***New packaging might be smaller (I'm not sure), but my old container is huge!

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