SANA Maikohan Eyeliner

Sana MAIKOHAN Eyeliner (Japan)
Price: $15.40 USD on

I discovered this eyeliner during my 2006 trip to Japan and since then this has become my "Holy Grail" eyeliner.

The packaging is beautiful (as you can see in the picture) and the pen is black with red cherry blossoms at the bottom. The MAIKOHAN line is maiko-centric, so you will find they look like traditional geisha makeup compacts and packaging. The eyeliner, which isn't watery, features a brush applicator. The brush bristles are packed tightly and they don't fray, giving it a solid feel that makes for an easier application. You can control the thickness of the line depending on how you hold the pen. Hold it sideways and your line will be thicker. Hold the pen pointing directly at your lid and the line will be thinner. 

While this color is "black" the black is not harsh (I am very pale and this works great). I believe it is suitable for lighter skin tones and a great natural liner for the darker tones. As the day goes on and your wear time increases, there may be a slight fading that reveals a slight blue/grey undertone, but it doesn't look messy. I haven't had transfer problems when used on bare skin and using an eyeshadow base helps the liner last even longer.

As a side note, I never wear liner underneath my eyes without sealer, because no matter what eyeliner I use, there will be meltdown towards the end of the day. So when I use Sana's MAIKOHAN I only wear it on my top lid. If you want a great makeup sealer I highly recommend Benefit Cosmetics' She Laq. This will make your liner and lipstick stay for hours. I only wear pencil liners with this sealer as well. No pencil liner has ever stayed on without melting on me, which is very sad considering how many pretty pencil liners are out there.

She Laq is a bit pricey but, like I said in the intro, I've tried it and it works! So if you have oily skin or just want your liner and lipstick to last all day, check out She Laq. If you're looking for a great eyeliner that is long lasting and easy to apply, check out Sana's MAIKOHAN liner.

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