"Shopping" Back in the Day

Photo retouching (Photoshop is the program) always sets off intense conversation. Some artists are completely against it (and I use artist to encompass all kinds of creative positions) and others use photo retouching to bring a surrealistic feel to their work. This editing process is very time consuming. Many photographers spend more time

This link features two images of the legendary Joan Crawford, one of them retouched. Remember, all of this was done by hand. The article states the photo took six hours to retouch. Six hours for one beautiful photograph.

Can you imagine the hours a photographer would have to pull back then to meet the demands of today's industry?

Jennifer Lawrence Goes Without Makeup...And Causes Controversy?

As much as I love makeup, I realize that it is a person's choice whether or not to wear it. That person also has a choice as to how much to wear. I stumbled upon this article on how The Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence wore minimal makeup at the premiere of The Great Gatsby. Of course, as with everything in this age, the "controversial" decision lit up the social media world with various opinions. Well, here's mine.

I think Ms. Lawrence looks beautiful. At 22 she is blessed with amazing skin. I don't blame her for not wanting to pile on the makeup every time she attends a function. I would understand if she looked unkempt, but she still looks put together. Her hair is swept back and she IS wearing makeup--just not a lot of it. Millions of young women look up to this actress after her portrayal of Katniss Everdeen, so I don't think it's a bad thing that she goes out in public obviously comfortable in her own skin.

Makeup is about feeling comfortable with yourself, whether you wear a ton of it or barely any at all, or whether you stick to neutrals or pile on black lipstick. But makeup should never be something that is forced upon a person. My message is simple: wear as much or as little as you like, but where what YOU want, when and HOW you want to!

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