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This weekend I indulged my inner Anglophile by purchasing two Butter London shades the other day. "Bluey" is from Butter London's Autumn/Winter 2011 collection and described as a "A slightly metallic dark peacock blue, perfect for fashionable birds." Then I got "La Moss" which is a dark blood red "Vampy and full of red wine, just like its inspiration."

When it comes to me you can't go wrong with anything peacock related or blood red in hue.

I love the Butter London image and it does have amazing colors, but at $14 a bottle it better live up to the hype! I just finished painting my nails in "Bluey" before writing this post and aside from the price, there are two things bother me about this nail polish: the cap and the formula.

The square cap comes off leaving you with a small twist-top cap as your true handle with which to apply the polish--something I find odd but not impossible to deal with. What surprised me was how sheer the polish went on. The formula isn't too thick or too runny but it can be streaky. I only achieved a great color payoff after 3 coats. If you're into nail polish, you know how easily a manicure can be ruined if too much polish is applied, so I don't like the fact I need to apply the color so many times. Maybe "La Moss" is different, but for "Bluey" you need all 3 coats.

Butter London is "3 Free." This is a popular term used to describe polish free of Toluene, DBP and Formaldehyde.  The Seattle based company's slogan, which fits the idea of a 3 Free line, is "We believe in colour, not carcinogens." Long story short, you don't want any of those chemicals in your body.

So far I am lukewarm on the polish. We will see how long it wears (part of the hype surrounding Butter London is that it lasts a long time without chipping) but so far it seems that Butter London, as cute as the brand and colors are, can be skipped for something less expensive. Follow me on Twitter to see how the manicure wears and what I finally decide. Feel free to leave your thoughts on Butter London and/or your favorite shades below in the comments!

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