Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub

I love supporting smaller companies, especially when the products are made in the USA. It's hard to find a lot of beauty products that are made in the USA (I did make a list of as many as I know, which you can view here) so when I do I love to check them out. Tree Hut is a great brand available at Ulta, Walmart and Target stores. They make lotions, scrubs, and shower gels using natural ingredients and they do not test their products on animals (another plus!)

My favorite scrub and scent. The picture is from the Tree Hut site.

Body scrubs are an important part of a beauty ritual. I think it's sometimes overlooked and considered a luxury instead of a necessity. Unless you are blessed with wonderful genes that give you baby soft skin, there will always be spots on the body that need smoothing. For me, it's my elbows.

Oh my god, I have very persistent with my elbows to keep them smooth. I think they get rough because I lean on them a lot and they are usually resting on the table as I type. This scrub helps tremendously.
I also use the scrub to exfoliate between waxing to keep ingrowns at bay. Sometimes my skin can't take chemical exfoliants, so an old-fashioned sugar scrub works best. 

Before you get discouraged by the "Olive & Shea" description, this scrub is not oily or slimy AT ALL. That means no slipping in the shower or oily residue on the skin. The Tree Hut Olive & Sugar Body Scrub does its job then washes away without a trace. By the way, my favorite scent is Coconut Lime!

At an amazing price of $7.49, this high-quality scrub won't break the bank. Ulta often has BOGO sales on them as well. Check it out!

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