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KC's Vintage Treasures on Etsy

Miner's Foto-Matic Make Up Kit for Black and White Photos

Etsy is heaven for vintage fiends and not everything comes at a hefty price tag. This amazing makeup kit from the 1930's is going for $65 at KC's Vintage Treasures. While I wouldn't recommend putting the product on the skin, it would be an amazing product to display in a curio or on a shelf. As noted in the description, the colors of these products were made for the days of black and white movies. 

The makeup used on actresses in black and white movies was not what we are used to today. Thanks to HD technology, film stars and television personalities need to wear makeup that is as natural and as close of a match to the skin tone as possible. However, black and white film needed to use certain colors in order to make features (like the lips on female actresses) stand out.

Here is a great video by Sam of Pixiwoo talking about the techniques and color selection of makeup products for black and white film:

What's your favorite black and white movie? Did you know this fact about makeup for film stars in the 30's?

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