Best & Worst: Drugstore Liquid Eyeliner

 THE WORST - Wet n' Wild H20 Proof Liner

Internet, I don't get it. This Wet n' Wild liner gets so much hype. Even professional makeup artists rave about this stuff in makeup forums--WHY?! I really don't like giving negative reviews, but I figured perhaps someone could let me in on the secret as to why everyone loves this so much.

I have oily skin, and I use MAC Paint Pots or NARS Eyeshadow Primer (seriously the best) to control that. But, no matter how I prime my lids, this liner melts off all over my eyes by midday. I mean total, complete meltdown. It runs under my eyes and it "stamps" onto my crease/socket. Hot. Mess. City. 

So, who can enlighten me? Bueller? Bueller?

BEST - Rimmel Glam' Eyes Precise Design Liquid Eyeliner

This eyeliner was an unexpected find. I had run out of my trusty Kat Von D Tattoo liner and wanted a cheaper alternative. While the application is different (this is a brush while the Kat Von D liner is a felt tip pen) the longevity is the same. This liner has a slightly glossy finish once it dries, but it stays on and doesn't flake off.

The one thing I find might be an issue is the product's dry down. You can feel a slight tightening as it dries. It isn't bothersome by any means, but I feel it, and I know a lot of people have very sensitive eyes. Just wanted to give you all a heads up!

What are your drugstore hits and misses when it comes to liquid liner?

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