A Chanel Moment

"Chance is my soul."

"To be irreplaceable, you have to be different."

"True elegance is not luxury, but simplicity."

"Always remove, never add."

These are some of the philosophies of the Chanel empire. Chanel has always been a brand that makes me feel more elegant than I perceive myself to be. Even if it's only with a swipe of their lipgloss, I feel a bit more sophisticated having something with the famous double C logo on it.

Sure, there are other luxury brands out there, but "Chanel" and "glamorous woman" seem to go hand in hand, even when it involves people outside of the fashion world. I recently found a fantastic blog called La Chanelphile. One of her posts is about buying into the "Chanel fantasy" through their cosmetics line. I couldn't agree more with the sentiments she expresses in her post. I feel the same way when I use any of the Chanel makeup products or fragrances--the only Chanel I can afford.

I'm the kind of person that idolizes actresses for their glamour, charm, talent and style--not necessarily their popularity. These actresses and luxury brands all represent ideals I think a lot of women would like to have. When it comes to Chanel, my idea of the epitome of elegance and class, my idolization continues. I have a big imagination and often dream of what it would be like to live a glamorous life where, after all these years, I finally feel like someone OTHER girls would look up to. I guess it all depends on whether or not you believe dreams come true...and how hard you work at trying to achieve them.

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