Safe Sun: Preventing Wrinkles

(The ONLY sunscreen I can wear on my face & decollete...the best!)

I've noticed something at work that I felt warranted a blog post. Women will come to me with tanned skin, some with pinkish sunburn, some with white patches amongst the tanned skin, others with brown spots from sun damage--and ask me to sell them a cream that will take that all away.

Now, I could sell you a cream that might help, but absolutely nothing will take away years of unprotected sun exposure. NOTHING.

I know it's cool to be tan and all (at least here in the West) but if you want to look young for as long as possible, ladies, stay the heck out of the sun as much as you can. If you're going to the beach, wear a high SPF and get your color from a spray tan. The amount a spray tan will cost will probably save you hundreds in the creams you will have to spend later on in life to repair the destruction UVA/UVB rays have done to your skin.

Do you have to wear high SPF all of the time? That is debatable, since there is research that says anything about SPF 15 doesn't really work. However, I can tell you I will burn if I don't wear SPF higher than 50 so I don't know much about that research.

I think people only think of sun protection when they're going to be outside...but even while you drive or just sitting by a large window, you'll be exposed to the rays. I can tell you your hands are always going to be a dead giveaway to your's hard to get plastic surgery there! I recommend, along with your usual sunscreen routine, a hand cream with SPF in it. I usually keep a tube in my purse, put some on and bring it up my forearms if I forgot to put sunscreen that day. I love the Mission cream despite the "sunscreen" smell. The SPF (and price) is better than the Shiseido hand cream. But for face and body? Nothing beats Shiseido's sunscreen.

Cheap Selection: Mission Energizing Hand and Body Moisturizer (SPF 18) ~$9.99 USD

Luxe Selection: Shiseido Benefiance Protective Hand Revitalizer (SPF 8) ~$39 USD

Just remember prevention is easier than correction. Get started with sunscreen now and go faux for a golden glow ;)


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