Reasons to Go Pro

You have a special event coming up and need your makeup done -- what do you do?

It is very common for makeup counters to be swamped around certain times of the year like Prom/Homecoming, Valentine's Day, Halloween and New Year's Eve. You often have to make an appointment weeks in advance and wait for your turn in a packed store. That's fine if you have a favorite artist at your counter of choice, but what if you don't? That's when it's time to hire a pro.

Hiring a professional artist ensures the following:

A Personalized Application

Since the artist isn't under any pressure to sell a color story or new product, her or she will use items from their kit that are tailored to your makeup and skincare needs.

One-on-One Attention

Your artist can answer questions, give product advice and even demonstrate technique without having to rush you out in 20 minutes for another customer.

Great Products

Pro artists are usually not limited to one line (unless they are sponsored by a brand). This means that they will have a kit full of products you might not have heard about. Oh, and don't be fooled by the word on the street--there isn't ONE makeup line that has a perfect product in every category. Don't limit yourself to someone that only uses one line!

Hygienic Safety

Let's face it--makeup comes in close contact with some very delicate areas of the body. The skin is the body's largest organ, but we also apply makeup to our eyes and our lips. When you go to a department store, you use the same makeup that people have touched and put on their faces. A great beauty associate will do their best to clean it for you, but most of that is out of their control and not all of the associates will be strict with hygiene. A trained professional knows how to keep their products clean and your visage safe.

These are all things to consider when thinking about makeup for your next special event!

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