"Being Betty" by Lisa Eldridge

I love Lisa Eldridge, I love Bettie Page, and I love Gemma Arterton; so I was delighted to hear about Lisa Eldridge's short film for Love Magazine, entitled "Being Betty." Fans of Bettie Page will be familiar with the imagery of Ms. Eldridge's film, but for those that aren't, the original inspiration came from this video:

You might be wondering why Ms. Page carries a sign that spells her name as "Betty" yet you will mostly find her name spelled "Bettie" throughout this post and other references. I promise, it's not a mistake!

"While it reportedly says "Betty Mae Page" on her birth certificate, "Bettie" is the form that she has always used since she was a child (such as for signatures), so Bettie is therefore the preferred spelling. However, whether due to oversight or for the sake of simplification, in her 1950's photos and films she was often billed as "Betty Page." So for Bettie or worse, today the two spellings are used more or less interchangeably." -Vampress.net

See? You learn something new every day! Now, check out the Lisa Eldridge version, starring Gemma Arterton. I hope you love it as much as I do!

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