My Current Go-To Lipstick

I'm a pale person. Despite living in Florida, I have embraced my fair skin and have decided to protect it as much as possible from the sun's harmful effects. The downside is, without certain makeup items, I can look too pale...and people will make sure to let me know that. "Are you sick?" "You look different today." "What happened?" I am definitely not someone that can go without SOME sort of makeup. Usually, lipstick is the first item I will reach for.

It's no secret I love VS Beauty. Their blushes, bronzers and lip glosses are some of the best I have ever used and the prices are affordable. Lately, their Color Drama Lipstick in "Wish" has been my go-to color.

I'm willing to call this color the "Perfect Pink." Sometimes, pink lipsticks make your teeth look yellow and aren't flattering at all. This pink, thanks to the slight warm tone, brightens up my complexion without giving me Barbie lips. The texture is smooth and creamy with a nice sheen and slightly sheer pigmentation. As you can see in the image above, there is also a slight shimmer to the product. I assure you, all it does is give your lips the illusion of fullness--there is no "sparkle" visible once applied. This will definitely be a lipstick I repurchase.

Have you tried the VS Beauty lipsticks yet?

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